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About UR Housing

What is UR Housing

“UR” is the abbreviation of the Urban Renaissance Agency, an independent administrative corporation formed by the Japanese national government. The UR Agency was established in 1955 as the Nihon Jyutaku Kodan, or Japan Public Housing. Active for 50 years, the agency’s three basic missions are the renewal of urban areas, maintenance of public property/spaces, and assisting the public during disaster incidents. The agency maintains over 770,000 housing units across Japan including 450,000 units in the Tokyo area. UR Housing units are well-maintained and reasonably priced – ideal for long-term foreign residents of Japan.

The Merits of UR Housing

UR Housing is Reasonably Priced

UR housing never demands more than three months basic deposit. No Key Money or Agent’s Fee is required. Deposits are generally refunded after a unit is left clean. Renewal fee is not required.

UR Housing is Flexible

Many rental units in Japan require that you provide notice one or two months in advance before leaving. UR Housing requires only 15 days notice.

No Guarantor Required

Many rental units in Japan require that you obtain a Japanese guarantor for registration. Guarantors are not necessary for non-Japanese renters seeking UR Housing.

How We Can Help You Take Advantage of UR services.

Phase 1 – Property Search

  1. We listen to your requirements and desires very carefully, with full English support. Save time by not having to visit multiple properties.
  2. We clarify and match your requirements to current UR Housing market conditions.Avoid the stress of finding, waiting, and dealing with the many formalities of documentation that is all in Japanese.
  3. We select potential units based on your requests, and contact the UR Housing Agency to arrange and confirm bookings. We will book the unit for you and arrange appointments for viewing the properties

Phase 2 – Property Viewing

  1. We arrange unit viewing appointments with administration offices at the properties you have chosen. We know the details of viewing formalities for each property, and will arrange your schedule and show you the way to the property.

Phase 3 – Examination

  1. We review your impressions of properties and arrange better options when necessary.We advise our clients to provide a frank impression, and are highly motivated to provide you with a shortcut to finding the best possible accommodation.
  2. We communicate the progress status of your housing search, according to your schedule, so you do not need to worry.

Phase 4 – Agreement

  1. We provide agreement documentation in Japanese.You need to prepare 2 documents to complete your agreement. One document is the Alien Registration Certificate from your local Ward Office – this provides proof of your name, visa status and term for all of your family members.

The second document is the Income Certificate from your employer – it is best to provide this in the format of specified by the UR Agency.
You need to prepare 2 pieces of ID, the Alien Registration Card (ARC-card), and a Passport as identification and proof of signature.
Cash: 3 months rent as a deposit plus 1 month as an adjustment fee*
*1 month adjustment fee = rent (rent + maintenance fee) /30×days you stay in the first month. For example: if the rent is 100,000 yen and maintenance fee is 20,000 yen per month, and you move in on the 15th of May, then your payment on the agreement day will be 100,000×3+
(100,000+20,000)/30×16days(from the 15th to 31st) =364,000 yen)

Phase 5 – Moving In and Afterward

  1. We assist with obtaining gas, electricity and water connections, etc., arranging the initial set up for you.
  2. All services are provided English and we strive to be friendly, flexible and free.
  3. Our company goal is to make your life in Japan more fun and stable, we strive to serve you by providing useful information for your new life in Japan.
Please note:
  • All apartment units are unfurnished.
  • The UR Agency is run by the Japanese National Government, so they have many formalities in each step. For example, to view the property, we have to book the property using your name, and administration offices have specific service hours so we have to check the schedule carefully for property viewing. Some offices are closed on Wednesday, Sunday, and National Holidays, with hours of operation from 9:30 to 12:00 and 13:00-17:00.

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